Bernard Fanning when aged 47

How Old is Bernard Fanning?

Birthdate: 15 August 1969

Bernard Fanning was born on 15 August 1969 in Brisbane, Australia. The Queensland musician is a part of Generation X. Born under the Leo zodiac sign, he possesses charismatic energy and creative drive.

Formative Years

Bernard Joseph Fanning grew up during the 1970s and 80’s. He was raised in the inner suburb of Toowong as part of a close-knit Irish Catholic family.

While attending St. Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace, Fanning started writing his own music at the age of 15 – despite initially describing his early compositions as “terrible.” His sister, Carmel, reacted to his first original composition with “That’s a Meatloaf song.” (Double J)

Growing up, Bernard ran a lawn-mowing business with his brother Paul. They inherited the operation from their eldest brother John (who would tragically die from cancer at the age of 42).


Fanning’s musical journey began with piano lessons from his mother during his formative years, instilling in him a deep appreciation for music. This early exposure laid the foundation for his musical exploration and creativity.

He went on to study journalism at the University of Queensland. This interest in media and communication would serve him well in later years. According to Lern Courses, journalism training teaches you to “research insightfully, question artfully, and communicate cleanly and crisply so everyone understands.” However, while at university, Fanning’s affinity for music blossomed.

Fanning crossed paths with Ian Haug in an economics class, which Fanning admitted to having failed while Haug passed. This fateful encounter would lead to the formation of Powderfinger.

Immersed in Brisbane’s vibrant music scene, Bernard found inspiration in live performances and the camaraderie of fellow musicians. Fanning’s passion for music ultimately steered him towards a career in the industry, dropping out from uni at age 19.



Fanning’s rise to stardom was as the lead singer of legendary Australian rock band Powderfinger. The band’s origins can be traced back to Brisbane in 1989, with Fanning taking over lead vocals from Ian Haug in the early days.

Together with John Collins on bass, Darren Middleton and Ian Haug on guitars, and Jon Coghill on drums, Powderfinger gained recognition for their electrifying sound and captivating live performances.

Their journey to success was marked by a string of acclaimed albums and chart-topping hits. Over the years, Powderfinger earned numerous awards and accolades. With Fanning at the helm, the band’s influence continues to resonate with music lovers around the world.

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“My Happiness”

“My Happiness,” released in 2000, is a defining track from Australian rock band Powderfinger. With stirring lyrics and compelling rock melodies, the song encapsulates the band’s unique blend of emotive songwriting and powerful musicianship.

With its infectious hooks and heartfelt delivery, “My Happiness” reached the number four spot on the ARIA Singles Chart and became Powderfinger’s highest-charting single at the time. The track’s success was further underscored by its inclusion in the band’s critically acclaimed album “Odyssey Number Five,” which went on to win multiple ARIA Awards, including Album of the Year.

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Solo Career

Bernard Fanning

Bernard Fanning embarked on his solo career after Powderfinger’s hiatus in 2004. His debut album, “Tea & Sympathy,” released in 2005, marked the beginning of this new chapter. Hits like “Wish You Well” and “Songbird” catapulted him to solo stardom, captivating audiences across Australia.

Despite his solo success, Fanning’s connection with Powderfinger remained evident. While continuing his solo endeavors, Powderfinger regrouped and released “Dream Days at the Hotel Existence” in 2007.

Fanning’s solo career continued to flourish with subsequent albums like “Departures” (2013) and “Civil Dusk” (2016), showcasing his enduring influence in the Australian music scene.






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